LETTER: Canada has gone to the dogs

LETTER: Canada has gone to the dogs

Dogs treated better than most humans, reader says in letter to editor

To the editor:

First, I have to ask everyone who has a dog and treats them better than humans, is there not enough hunger, poverty and death for you in this world that you so proudly spend millions of dollars on your pets without even a blink of an eye?

How do you live with that, hearing and seeing children and parents dying from starvation and poverty.

They don’t even have a blanket to sleep with.

I am wondering what happened to us human beings, that we care more for animals than our fellow humans.

Many parents pay more attention to their dogs than their own children.

They have lots of patience for an animal and even go for a walk on the dog’s terms.

It sickens me to watch a male dog with his hind leg always up while the owner stands proudly waiting and watching for their dog to finish peeing on anything and everything on other people’s property.

Nothing is safe from the dog’s peeing on grass, flowers, shrubs, vegetables, trees, buildings, cars, even children. Do you get the picture?

Did you hear that in Canada there are now around eight million dogs?

Back in 1920, that’s roughly how many people lived in Canada.

Our ancestors worked hard and we still today enjoy the beauty and knowledge and structures passed on from them.

I think it’s remarkable what those eight million people achieved.

In my opinion, back then, humans were the main importance to our country but now it feels like the dogs are.

Do you ever wonder what achievements and legacy will we have from these eight million dogs?

Probably not much more than dried out land and patches of yellow grass because we know nothing grows where the dogs have peed and pooped.

I’m amazed that we give acres and acres of land for the dogs to enjoy but there doesn’t seem to be any land or money available to build affordable housing.

So while dogs have their own dedicated parks, homeless people are freezing in the winter.

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We need to stop catering to the dogs and start remembering us humans.

How dare we spend tax money to water the grass in dog parks!

How dare we spend the taxpayer money to employ people to clean after other people’s dogs!

Dogs are not a necessity. If you choose to have a dog you should buy your own land and live with your dog at your own expense — not at everyone else’s.

Leave the parks for the people and the children to enjoy.

Keep your dog on your own land and clean up after it at your own expense.

If you can’t afford to do this, do not have a dog.

I have to say that I’m not an animal hater.

I have had my own pets and do feel animals have a place on this earth — some even vital to our existence.

But I object to paying for someone else’s dog through my taxes and not being able to enjoy public places or my own front lawn because a dog has pooped and peed on it.

Dogs are not a necessity.

Greta Rus


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