A Vernon reader warns against medicinal marijuana. (Morning Star file photo)

A Vernon reader warns against medicinal marijuana. (Morning Star file photo)

Letter: Caution urged for medicinal marijuana us

Reader doesn’t agree with medicinal marijuana use

Medical cannabis is the devil you don’t know, yet.

It is here now, asking for a license to grow and distribute. In my opinion, not enough sober thought (pardon the pun) has gone into the many consequences of this. It is proclaimed by a local company to be therapeutic for pets and their owners.

Therapeutic, as defined in the dictionary, is 1: contributing to the cure of disease; 2: Contributing to general mental well being. We all know No. 1 does not apply to cannabis and No. 2, Google medical experts point to a dangerous link between high THC content and psychosis.

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So the above proclamation is not factually true. It has been reported where greenhouses that previously grew vegetables are switching to cannabis because it is hundreds of times more profitable. That is extremely disturbing. While cannabis growers become significantly richer, vegetables will become significantly more expensive.

There is a solution, however. When giving out licenses an agreement should be signed making it mandatory for vegetables to be given equal space for growing.

Maureen McClocklin


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