LETTER: Cheers to Vernon hospital

LETTER: Cheers to Vernon hospital

In a time of negativity, it’s important to see the ‘bright side’

During this time when one gets numerous messages of discontent and negativity regarding situations in our city, there is one bright spot and the professionals connected to it.

That bright spot would be Vernon Jubilee Hospital and the medical professionals connected to it.

For nearly seven years, I’ve endured episodes of atrial fibrillation and some of the negative aspects resulting from it.

Thanks to the hospital and the professionalism and kindness of the professionals, what could be a debilitating condition has been mainly positive.

I’ve enjoyed a healthy life well over 95 per cent of the time and free from any restrictions except to take the prescribed medications.

Our thoughts and consideration also have to be directed to all the staff at the hospital upon which the success of the professionals depends.

J.L. Mawle