Letter: Coyotes in Marshall Field

Letter: Coyotes in Marshall Field

I write today to voice my own as well as several other people’s concern with the coyote/coywolf population residing in Marshall Field.

These animals have been seen on a daily basis but they are becoming more aggressive and now pose a considerable safety risk to our citizens and their pets.

It is only a matter of time before they transfer their aggressive behaviour towards a young child.

Not that long ago my partner and I were stalked by a coywolf while walking in the park and it was only when I aggressively chased him off that I was able to convince him to quit following us. I don’t think that a small child would be able to stave off this kind of aggressive behaviour.

I am genuinely fearful for my own and my small dog’s safety as well as the safety of all citizens and their pets who use the park and it’s walking paths and trails.

We have encountered several people who have described similar confrontations between the coyotes and their pets.

One person that we know had her small dog mauled by a coyote in the park and the animal continued to follow her and the dog until some of the workers at the pickleball court saw what was happening and chased the coyote off. The small dog that suffered the attack wound up hospitalized with several drainage tubes in its stomach.

We even observed a man and young boy encouraging the coyotes by throwing bones and meat to them across the man-made pond adjacent to the walking path.

In a previous attempt to initiate some action on this matter, my partner called wildlife control (provincial) but was informed that, if the coyotes are in a city park, it is the city’s problem. He then called the city and was told that wildlife management was under provincial jurisdiction. Some buck-passing going on there.

These animals need to either be trapped and relocated or destroyed before something even worse happens.

Be advised that this letter is being forwarded to each city councillor and the mayor.

Please, someone, take action on this matter sooner rather than later.

Arleen Hulley