LETTER: ‘Don’t let party labels define you’

LETTER: ‘Don’t let party labels define you’

Talk about issues with people of different parties and they may surprise you

As a Canadian citizen, you have both the right and responsibility to vote.

It’s hard in today’s chaotic world to find the time for important activities given so many important calls on our time – work, family and just keeping a roof over our heads.

But voting is your opportunity to determine what type of country you want to live in.

Picking the right representative to go to Ottawa to represent your views and needs, your priorities for yourself, your family and our future generations is one of the most powerful messages you can send.

Don’t waste that opportunity.

Many people think their vote doesn’t count but it does, as many political parties make people feel that voting is a waste of time, making it easier for their supporters to direct how our country is run.

Your vote and your voice are important and you are powerful so use both your vote and your voice.

Ask questions of the candidates, talk to your family and friends about issues and concerns, write to and talk to local, provincial and federal politicians.

Don’t let party labels define you, that is divisive and not useful in making Canada an even better place to live.

Talk about issues and you will be surprised how many things you share with supporters of different political parties.

It’s become too easy to label ourselves as supporters of this party or that party based on the past but parties change and our views change so think and talk about issues not blind party allegiance.

Remember, your vote counts as does your voice so don’t let someone steal you opportunity to set the future course of our nation.

Rose Harryman