Letter: Engage Vernon idle no more

Letter: Engage Vernon idle no more

More discourse needed, reader says

First, I would like to say I was wondering about the Engage Vernon web page, but I see they are finally using it again after a long time idle. But they seem to have forgotten on the latest survey to say who was listening, as I do like to know who will be reading what I have to say.

The second is that why have we not been using this until now? Maybe it should be used for the latest I think proposal and that is the use of the land on the corner of Pleasant Valley Road and 48th Avenue. Do we really need more empty new business places?

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If the mayor, council and chief financial officer would take a walk around town and see all the new buildings that have been erected on the promise of office space and that office space all with much more in our town is empty, and you want to build more why? For the money and to say building permits are up and a feather in your cap.

Please put this on Engage Vernon and let us have our say and then do something you do not do often listen to us the taxpayers.

Gary Haas


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