Nathan Fisher’s spirits are high after he was caught in an avalanche at SilverStar Mountain Resort March 20. (Photo submitted)

Nathan Fisher’s spirits are high after he was caught in an avalanche at SilverStar Mountain Resort March 20. (Photo submitted)

Letter: Family of man caught in SilverStar avalanche expresses gratitude

Nathan Fisher was caught in an avalanche at SilverStar March 20

Our gratitude for all that has been done for Nathan since he was swept up in the avalanche of SilverStar Mountain on Wednesday, March 20, is boundless.

Our first expression of gratitude is for Tylor Williams, who was boarding with Nathan that day. Tylor’s response to Nathan’s traumatic situation was of heroic proportions. And it is to Tylor’s strength, courage and love that we credit Nathan’s initial survival.

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To the captain of the Ski Patrol, Phil, and his crew, we also give our thanks. Their professional skill and determination in bringing Nathan to another level of safety called for a tremendous physical effort and a high level of competency.

To the B.C. Ambulance Service crew, who brought him another step closer to stability and medical care, we also give our thanks.

The care that Nathan received at the Kelowna General Hospital was nothing short of extraordinary. We are deeply grateful to the Trauma Unit, the nurse on IP1 who took Nathan under her care while waiting for his transfer to the ICU, and to the nurses in the ICU. To each of the many doctors, surgeons, and anesthesiologists under whose care Nathan was carefully restored, we extend our sincere gratitude.

And now, we come full circle, back to Tylor who, despite having suffered an intense psychological trauma, had a GoFundMe account set up for Nathan within hours of the accident.

The response to the Love For Nathan GoFundMe account has been completely astonishing to us and remains so. To every single person who has donated to the fund, we are so thankful. Having this financial support has taken a weight off Nathan’s shoulders, a weight that would have been difficult for him to carry. And when he was able to read all of the loving and supportive comments, his recovery accelerated to warp speed. Each of you has contributed more than you could have imagined to his well-being. And again, we are so grateful to each of you.

We thank Wendy and Sena Lepair for their energetic, creative and selfless fundraising on Nathan’s behalf.

We thank Nathan’s Attridge family for their care and love, and for their financial contributions to Nathan’s well-being.

Cam Sorensen and Tylor handled the many media requests that were pouring in with great consideration for Nathan’s family and for that too we are very appreciative.

We thank SilverStar Mountain Resort for the generosity they have shown in contributing to several fundraising initiatives.

To Steve Hare from Burton Snowboards and Mike Budgen from Nitro Snowboards, we give our thanks for their fundraising initiatives on Nathan’s behalf.

In closing, we would like to say how fortunate we have been to witness the quality of medical care, the love and financial support and the friendships that have been blessing Nathan’s recovery. We are deeply grateful.

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Lynae Locheed


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