LETTER: In response, and defense, to dogs

LETTER: In response, and defense, to dogs

Vernon owner says in 55 years of dog ownership, she has never failed to pick up after her pet

To the editor:

So Greta Rus “object(s) to paying for someone else’s dog through…taxes.”

I’ve been to dog parks across North America. The vast majority are situated on “valuable” real estate like garbage dump sites, next to sewage treatment plants, on swamps or scrub land at the edge of town.

If Greta resents taxpayers like me and my dog owner friends hiking on those scenic sites, by all means join us. No dog required.

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In 55 years of responsible dog ownership, I have never failed to clean up after our dogs.

Perhaps I and my entire family should then be entitled to object to having our tax dollars pay for the multi-million dollar hockey arenas found in every small village.

None of us have ever played hockey, and a quick calculation of just our immediate family nets a total of 317 working years of paying more than average tax rates for a service none of us use.

Greta also takes aim at people who she claims treat their dogs better than children.

Somehow I managed to spend 35 years raising three of my own children, caring for 27 homestay teenagers, caring for severely disabled respite care kids in my home, and logging well over 1,000 volunteer hours — many with children with disabilities. All the while I owned dogs.

I assure you I never fed the dogs steak or the kids Kraft dinner.

I am sure I could take aim at many things in your life, Greta, that I might judge “not a necessity.”

Leave me and my beautifully trained dog alone. Don’t be so quick to generalize about the majority of dog owners.

Remember, you do not see the poop from dogs belonging to responsible pet owners. We’ve picked it up.

Linda Stortz