Letter: Kin Beach visitors deserve better

Letter: Kin Beach visitors deserve better

Then there’s Kin Beach on Okanagan Lake. What a disaster.

Vernon is a gem, not only to the locals but to the many tourists that travel through this area. We’re surrounded by three beautiful lakes, mountains for skiing, hiking trails, and beaches to enjoy through our hot summers. Kal beach and provincial park are stunning. A true pride of our community. Thousands of people enjoy this area year round. It is world class.

Then there’s Kin Beach on Okanagan Lake. What a disaster. My wife and I paid a visit to this beach on the July 21 weekend. It was disgusting. There were goose droppings everywhere. It’s difficult to walk from the parking area to the sandy beach, without stepping on some.

To me, this seems like a very unhealthy environment. I would never take a visiting guest there, certainly, not my grandkids. This situation should be an embarrassment to the city of Vernon, the Provincial government, and the Okanagan Indian Band, as it is to many local residents because it’s ongoing.

This beach could, and should be world class, as is Kal lake beach. Can’t all the parties come together and see a dream for Kin beach? Should we cull the geese to clean up the area, or should we consider a permanent bird sanctuary?

To the people that come on a daily basis through the winter to feed what should be migrating geese, I say please pay a visit to Kin beach at this time of year, to see what that practice does. Beautiful Paddlewheel Park also has issues with geese that need to be addressed.

We are a world-class destination. We should be able to take pride in every part of our area, especially the beaches.

Ted Delanowski