Letter: Knights of Columbus urge research and voting

Letter: Knights of Columbus urge research and voting

Our electoral future is at stake.

The Monsignor John Miles Assembly of the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus is a non-political organization which has the primary objective to promote patriotism within our ranks and in the public of our area. We do not take a partisan stand on issues but fully understand the importance of the informed public in any political debate.

Our province is facing a decision, by a proposed referendum, this fall that could decide the way we vote and elect our representatives in the future governments of this province. At the moment all the issues are not clear to most citizens. The partisan positions have been stated on either the current ‘first past the post’ system and yet to be defined ‘proportional representation’ model. There has been limited opportunity for the question to be debated in a way that would add a lot of clarity. This is unfortunate as we/you are being asked to make a decision without full knowledge. Our electoral future is at stake.

Our organization urges you to research the issues for yourself. Demand the powers that be to provide an opportunity for full and open debate of all of the pros and cons before a referendum is called. Remember it is all of our personal responsibilities to make informed decisions. Get informed. Get out and vote on the referendum.

Victor Procure