Letter: Municipalities will benefit from ProRep

Letter: Municipalities will benefit from ProRep

Our current voting system mainly serves corporations.

Our current voting system mainly serves corporations, political insiders, lobbyists and elite white men. It has not improved equality for women, or first nations, or the pay gap between corporate executives and workers, or the shocking neglect of our environment.

Countries with proportional representation (ProRep) like Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and New Zealand have a far better track record on these important issues. That is why it was so disappointing to read the Castanet responses of candidates for the City of Vernon municipal election who dodged the ProRep question by saying it will not affect municipalities.

ProRep will make a huge difference to the flow of funding for municipalities. When councillor Dalvir Nahal says she believes proportional representation is not a “fair or transparent process,” it is clear she has not fact-checked what over 90 countries with ProRep have experienced.

There is no democratic system that is fairer than one that provides representation according to the parties’ share of the popular vote. ProRep would end the days where 39 per cent of the vote gives a party 100 per cent of the power. In less than four weeks we have an amazing opportunity to fix our broken electoral system.

As we approach the mail-in vote for electoral reform Oct. 22 to Nov. 30, I would highly recommend that voters put aside their ideology and look at the facts. Proportional Representation is a non-partisan issue. Everyone benefits across the party lines.

Heather Clay

Fair Vote Vernon