Letter: Save the trees

Letter: Save the trees

I wonder how many more prime trees are going to be killed.

To the Minister of Forests

Dear Mr Minister;

I wonder when you are standing at an intersection in any town in B.C. that you shake in your boots when a logging truck rumbles by with another load of our beautiful logs. Or do you notice?

I shake in my boots because not one but sometimes three or four trucks rumble by before the light turns red. I wonder how many more prime trees are going to be killed before you wake up and join us in the real world and realize that the ozone layer is near depletion? Have you not figured out that it’s the lack of ozone that is causing most of the wildfires in B.C. It’s easy to blame these new fires on the foolish campers and on lightning.

How many of our lumber products actually stay in Canada? Our forests are being raped in the name of profit for logging, lumber, pulp, and newspaper companies. Why are you letting them decimate our beautiful B.C. in the first place? Without forests, we’ll be running out of oxygen. When is economics more important than the air we breathe?

Wake up and smell the smoke, Mr Donaldson.

D&M Vetrov