Letter: Shopping cart solution

Letter: Shopping cart solution

The “homeless” have no right to assume these carts for their possessions.

This letter is in reference to the “Shopping cart ban mean-spirited” letter by Sandie Hoberg.

I certainly hope there aren’t too many people out there who feel as this person does. These carts are not cheap and they are the property of the business that provides them for the customers of their business. As each cart gets “borrowed,” the cost of such theft is passed on to us, the consumers. The “homeless” have no more right to assume these carts for their possessions than you or I but we pay the price in our everyday expenses when we pay the retailers for our purchases.

As for taking the carts away from these folks that they will get into shelters… in the majority of this population, they have chosen this lifestyle and really don’t want to live in shelters as there are rules which most don’t adhere to, hence they are “homeless.” You can drive around Vernon on any given day and see “For Hire” signs posted at many locations. This group of people don’t want to work as it would cut into their party time doing their drugs and dropping their free dirty needles all over the place when I have to pay for mine.

This Active Task Force needs to stop with recommendations and actually do something constructive with their time. Words mean nothing. It is hoped that the RCMP and Bylaw will keep these people on the move and remove any and all carts of possessions as they come upon them, as it is an act of theft to be in their possession. It is the belief of the general public and many I have spoken to that the police and Bylaw have the authority to remove these carts from any person in possession of stolen property. If these people are continually “borrowing” these items then they should be charged.

It is a strong belief that if enforced and if these people were kept on the move and not allowed to settle that at some point in time they may leave our fair town and settle elsewhere for someone else’s problem.

Maybe some of them might even decide it is time to work and get a real life not on the streets at our expense.

R. Caison