Letter: Stopping the exodus

Letter: Stopping the exodus

Yesterday morning I walked through a crowd that had tripled since the same walk a week earlier.

Anybody who has walked through Linear Park, as I did yesterday, would be blind to not see the dramatic increase in the denizens of that city park.

Yesterday morning (Sunday, Sept. 9), at 9:30 in the morning, I walked through a crowd that had tripled since the same walk a week earlier.

Bylaw was there (“we were at Polson Park earlier, and it is an animal show there now”) as were the RCMP.

I heard the street-entrenched making comments which I can’t put in this letter which clearly showed the contempt they had for bylaw in terms of the inability of bylaw to do anything to them.

It is common knowledge that people from Prince George have arrived, along with an anticipated wave from Kelowna once their shelter closes soon. The reduction of hours for Robin Hood Security in Polson Park exacerbates the problem.

For over a year, this has been an issue that has polarized this city, and the election results next month will dramatically demonstrate the seismic changes that emanate from the inability or failure of all but one Councillor to appreciate the seriousness of what is happening.

We know who that councillor is, and I, for one, hope that the next council will feature a more supportive cast to help the lone defender of the integrity of downtown Vernon.

Otherwise, the last person to leave, lock the gate.

Because people are leaving. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong people who are leaving.

Dean Roosevelt