Letter: Three-seat party with power

Proportional representation has been a disaster wherever it has been tried.

Letter: Three-seat party with power

As we rapidly approach the decision on whether to remain first past the post or some other proportional voting system it is time to have an informed conversation on the topic.

Many people seem to be caught up in the euphoria of change. Enough of this tired old system they say, let’s try something new, what could it hurt?

B.C. is operating under a proportional representative coalition. The Liberal Party, despite holding a majority of seats in the B.C. Legislature is on the sidelines. In its place is an NDP/Green coalition which banded together to gain control. Of those two parties, which one holds the stick?

Its a three-seat party representing a few thousand votes on Vancouver Island.

As part of the deal made between John Horgan and Andrew Weaver, the province is facing this upcoming referendum and Green leader Weaver has stated that if a change is approved B.C. will never again have a majority government.

This delights him of course and he doesn’t seem bothered by the fact this change will be decided through a 50 per cent plus one vote. In other words, a first past the post vote.

We enjoy incredible advantages and benefits in British Columbia, all of it won through a series of alternating majority governments, whether Social Credit, NDP or Liberal. Our incredible infrastructure, from the world’s cleanest and most efficient hydro-electric generating system, roads, water management and political stability to an economy strong and flexible enough to withstand virtually every demand placed upon it, all a result of the governing party being able to make a decision.

I have to assume that the folks demanding a change from our current system have never sat around a board, council or committee table where decisions are made with a majority vote. Imagine a family of six trying to decide what to have for dinner. It could end up being a chocolate cake.

What has this power-hungry Horgan/Weaver government brought us? Peace, prosperity and a brave new world? Not so much as its B.C. vs. Alberta on the natural resource lifeblood of our economy with three-seat Weaver holding the stick in return for Horgan’s agreement to ram another voting referendum down our throats.

You cannot run a multi-billion dollar enterprise with multiple fractious voices demanding equal say. Somebody has to make a decision.

Do you think, for example, that B.C. would have an Agricultural Land Reserve or ICBC had the NDP government of the day not had the final say?

This mantra about every vote counting is a red herring for endless minority rule and bitter infighting while the province drifts rudderless in a ruthless competitive world.

Try to imagine running your business or working for a company where no one could make a decision.

Proportional representation has been a disaster wherever it has been tried, New Zealand being a prime example.

We have the life we live today because decisions, like them or not, were made by a majority of votes. Democracy means four years down the road you get to fight for your viewpoint again and what we enjoy today is based on that ability.

Three seats, a few thousand voters and a power hungry Horgan have currently broken the rudder off this ship.

John Trainor