Letter: Time the key resource lost

Letter: Time the key resource lost

Today is another great day to talk about Proportional Representation; a great idea for societal pains; alive and well these days.

It occurs to me we have wasted our resources. We did that by perfectly mismanaging that one-time finite window for the lazy man’s hope for financial comfort. I’m also thinking we did not even consider other very essential resources. Let me point to time. Time. In 2008 we had a gift horse in our face and we turfed it. Time is by far, more valuable than money itself. Time; we can not get that back. A first past the post pretend majority in Canada ripped off truly valued opportunity by denying climate change. The grave mistake is costing lives. The grave mistake extends the slow economic industry of change we need immediately. We now have clear support for my opinion via scientific facts.

I believe a Proportional Representative elected government would have intercepted terrible decisions made at the pivotal moment, and not allowed big oil-driven false economy. It appears like I am correct right now as I look back only ten years. They made the exact wrong moves. The hard part is realizing we lost 10 very important years in rebuilding a dying sunset economy with good government policy driven by people, not corporations.

We are 10 years behind at the very least, making things more difficult than ever. Really; that 10 years is more like 20 years lost, in the time resource.

David Derbowka