LETTER: Vernon should do better with snow removal

LETTER: Vernon should do better with snow removal

Now all the melting snow is pooling in drains, so let the flooding begin

To the editor:

The City of Vernon has seen a lot of snow since the start of January.

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I realize the the city crews are doing their best to keep the roads plowed so we drivers are able to still get to work, medical appointments, school and so on. It is greatly appreciated.

However, there is a real issue with the snow not being removed from the curbside and piled up on the streets.

It makes the driving lanes much narrower, the side streets are even worse and parking is a battle because of the snow build-up.

Why is the city not removing this over abundance of snow from the side streets or the main arteries? This could be done during the night when there is basically no traffic.

Our streets would be a lot safer for driving on and parking would be easier, not mention the public’s safety of foot travel with no one falling on ice not visible to the naked eye.

There is absolutely no reason why Vernon’s streets should look the way that they do. Kelowna and Kamloops streets are clean and plowed.

It’s time for this city to get up to speed with their snow cleanup.

I noticed on my way home recently that the city drains are starting to back up with large puddles of water as it has no where for it to go. So we should be in for some flooding as well.

Cathy R.

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