LETTER: Vernon transit could be busier, but still necessary

LETTER: Vernon transit could be busier, but still necessary

This reader says transit system could be improved if more people bussed

This is in response to Wynn Polnicky’s letter in the Aug. 15 edition.

It sounds like this person has not used Vernon Transit, or if so, not very often.

I’ve lived in Vernon for 30 years and am very thankful for Vernon Transit and the many improvements to their services.

I do not drive; I walk and take the bus (and gratefully accept rides from friends when needed).

When I read the comment that “not once [had this person] observed a bus with more than three or four passengers, and frequently seen them with only one passenger or none at all,” I had to offer my observations and first-hand experiences.

I take the bus every week, different times of the day, different days, different routes, throughout the year.

I frequently see 10 or more passengers, even all seats filled at times.

I am a frequent user of No. 3 and sometimes No. 90; I have taken No. 7 and 8 to get to Davidson Gardens.

I sometimes use No. 9 and 2 to get to the VG Mall.

I have occasionally seen an empty bus, typically early in the morning or later in the evening.

Our transit system could be busier and offer better routes if more people used the buses.

I would like to suggest to the opponents of the Vernon Transit to ride the different routes; discover where they go, what stops they make.

And for those who do take up the suggestion, maybe they can come up with positive ways to improve and expand the service so that more Vernonites can use the buses.

The drivers are safe, friendly, courteous and helpful.

R. Faasse