Letter writer shares some insight

Resident provides some thoughts after being contacted by the editor

I wrote a few weeks back and stated that I was finished with letter writing, but I am doing it at least one more time.

The reason is that after that letter, I received a call from Mr. Mitchell, the editor, and we had a good talk. At the end, I came to another conclusion that I should clarify a few things that we should know about writing into the editor.

This is because it is coming from someone who uses this service and not the paper.

First, you will only get one letter a month printed, no exceptions, so do not write in on every issue or week as this just piles up and makes it harder for the department to keep track. We should try for one or three a month.

Second, we should also try to keep our letters short and to the point. This will give more letters to be written and read by the public.

If it is short and to the point, more people might be interested in reading it. Hopefully the paper will be able to print between four and eight an issue.

Third, the paper should begin editing all letters for length or size.

If you do not want to be edited, then request this and I imagine the paper will contact you and inform you that it will not be printed.

The concerned citizens should not be constantly writing in about the same items all of the time as it becomes redundant after a while and it delays what others have to say.

Special interest groups, such as unions and societies, should refrain from using this as a sounding board for their views.

These people and groups usually get lots of articles written about them and if not, maybe they should approach the paper for an article.

This letter is just about the right length and I am leaving it up to the editor to edit as he sees fit. If we all take this attitude, then maybe we can get more people involved with what happens in their city.

Thank you Mr. Mitchell for the call as it was enlightening and appreciated.


Garry Haas