Liberal concerns

Am I missing something? The Liberal government has taken us another $30 billion-plus in debt but yet since we have a $295 million surplus, you all want and think you deserve a hero biscuit.

I haven’t forgotten:

That you had no Intentions of entertaining the HST, yet is showed up in our laps

That you spent $500 million on a B.C. Place redo which is a building I have never entered nor am likely to enter, yet locally, we had a referendum on a new outside field at $10 million and a new hockey rink at another $13 million. That $23 million isn’t even 10 per cent of your non-referendum BC Place redo?

That you have taken us $30 billion- plus more in debt

That we pay you pensions for the rest of your lives to run this province into an unsustainable debt load

That we pay your ridiculous ICBC premiums

That we pay for your B.C. government media ads that all show up so strong at election time on the taxpayers nickel.

When you think about $30 billion-plus that has been added to our debt since this government took over and you put it into perspective, a $295 million dollar surplus is like throwing a deck chair off the Titanic to save it from sinking I believe the hero biscuit is for another day and/or another government.

Perhaps government at all levels have forgot that they exist for and are paid for by the people, their families and their futures.

I for one see no point in pensioning those that can’t do good work on my nickel. So as a start, for every year that there is a deficit, you lose that year of pensionable time. Oops, no taxpayer pensions for you this term or any term so far. You still have your pay that we the people have no say in, but why should we the people pension you out for life?

Every politician spews accountability, so let’s see a little. Break the rules and you are fired as any other employee would be.

Donald Craig