Licence to rant

Security guards forced to renew licences every year – another provincial cash grab

The recent rant by Glenn Mitchell reminds me of another licence renewal cash grab by the province.  I have been in the past a licenced security guard.

Unlike the renewal of drivers licences which must be done every five years, security guards must renew their licence every year at a cost of $60.

That’s every year.  I am certain that a security guards licence does not cost any more, and probably less, than that of a drivers licence to produce.

So over a five year period, if the licence costs $10 to produce, then a security guard would pay $250 over and above the cost of production.

Security guards don’t earn much and yet are forced to pay this amount.

I don’t think I would be out of line in saying that all licences issued by the province are probably over priced.

What do you think it costs the province to produce a fishing or hunting licence?  Maybe the auditor general should look at all licences issued by the government.


Michael Georgetti, Vernon