Life lesson

Resident recounts an experience after locking keys in her car

I’d like to share this story if I may.

I did a very stupid thing recently, which then allowed me to experience some wonderful things.

I stopped at the Chevron station to fill up before running some errands.

I noticed I didn’t have any pockets, so I dropped my keys on the seat, pressed the button to unlock all of the doors, and closed my door, only to find I’d pressed the wrong button. I had safely locked my keys, purse, phone, etc. in the car.

How stupid.

Janelle, and later Mel, at the Chevron, was very helpful. She called BCAA and even waited while they put her on hold, dealing ably with customers all of the while despite the rule that she should not be on the phone when customers were there. She’s new to the job and risked reprimands to help me. Thank you.

BCAA took about 40 minutes to show up but the fellow was nice enough to call, saying he’d be there soon so I didn’t feel forgotten.

When he arrived, he used all of the protective equipment and very quickly had my door opened with no damage at all. Thank you.

The weather was lovely and several customers commiserated with me, saying they’d done the same thing in the past so I didn’t feel so stupid. Thank you.

I got to experience the lovely weather and the kindness of strangers.

If I’d not locked my keys in the car, I might not have noticed either of these things.

While I’d rather not make a habit of doing stupid things, I do want the habit of noticing the good we all can do for each other. It can make an annoying situation a pleasant one.

Thank you to everyone I met that day who helped me see this.

Debra Parmenter