Local hero

Family impressed with Colton Sparrow of the Vernon Vipers

We are new to town with twin five-year-olds and there is someone I wish to acknowledge who has made our transition here more enjoyable.

He is Colton Sparrow of the Vernon Vipers.  Our family supports the team every chance we can, and our kids took a special interest in No. 22, making posters for games and high-fiving Colton and the other players as they came on the ice for many home games.  After the Vipers’ season ended, our daughter wrote Colton a letter to say how she loved watching him play, that she enjoyed when he flipped her a puck during warm up and that her favourite part was how he made a point to high-five her and her brother whenever possible.

We warned our kids that Colton might not write back, but were blown away when he showed up at our door to deliver a T-shirt, signed hockey cards, and a stick for our kids.

He not only made our children’s night, and the subsequent weeks with them constantly retelling the story and playing with the hockey cards and stick, but he reinforced our impression that he is a fine young man who is kind and unselfish, and a good example for our kids to admire.

He is yet another person who makes our community wonderful.

Thank you so much Colton Sparrow for making Vernon a better place and for having such a positive impact on our children and on our family.  We’ve really appreciated it.


Emma, Declan, Tina and Spence Ward