Logic challenged

Resident raises questions about a letter regarding marijuana use

While I admire Brian Unrau’s fervour (“Wrong direction,” letters Dec. 5), I must question his logic.

At first glance, it would appear that Mr. Unrau’s beef is marijuana. First he mentions the “belligerent attitude” towards it. Then he compares it to  tobacco and pharmaceuticals, both of which he appears not to favor and therefore he can be presumed to eschew.

I notice he doesn’t mention alcohol.

Then he started to lose me when he cited the “detrimental health effects” of the “filthy habit” of cigarette smoking and ended the thought with, “Why would they legalize pot?”

By the time Mr. Unrau had latched on to Justin Trudeau as a suitable scapegoat for the masses that, “just want to smoke dope,” I was lost in a morass of confusion.

Then it hit me. Mr. Unrau doesn’t have a problem with marijuana or the legalization of it; Mr Unrau has a problems with liberals and liberal thinking.

This would put him in ideological conflict with such people as doctors, lawyers, judges, law enforcement personnel, teachers, scientists, and millions upon millions of ordinary people the world over, who are free enough to recognize that the war on drugs is worth neither the monetary nor sociological toll on humanity.

In closing, I am in complete agreement with the opening sentence of the closing paragraph of Mr. Unrau’s letter, i.e, “Democracy is educated, informed people making rational, informed decisions concerning the governing of society.”

Please become one of those educated, informed people.


Mark Levey