Longboard safety essential

Resident concerned that a longboarder may be injured

In regard to Richard Rolke’s article in the June 30 Morning Star about lonboarders, I, too, am a resident of the Rise development.

I have witnessed from my front courtyard some very close calls between vehicles and the longboards as the cars come up the hill to a hairpin turn and do not realize these longboarders are coming down the turn because the drivers cannot see them until the last minute as they round the turn.  These are blind corners.

Because I am aware that boarders may be in the area, I turn the corners slowly and came very close to coming in contact with a boarder coming down the hill at a very fast rate of speed.  Luckily, I was going slow and spotted him and was able to stop in time.

My husband also encountered some boarders at 11 p.m. one evening when he was returning home from a function.

These are dangerous situations.

We at the Rise are not on a mission to wipe out longboarding, but would hope that, because of our concerns, the city does follow through with their plans to find a designated area so longboarders can pursue their activity in a safe manner.

A safe area was set up for skateboards. Hopefully we will see this for the longboards.


Gail Powls