Lost Ski

Letter writer tells story of losing water ski on Kal Lake and wonders about boating etiquette these days.

While on vacation and boating on Kal Lake in early August a ski and marker ball, which were dropped to slalom ski went missing – we spent over an hour scouring the area to no avail (found everything else but our equipment, i.e. tennis ball, juice box, floating twigs, etc…). I have never lost a ski or marker ball in 35 years of boating so I can only assume the worst – another boater picked up our gear.

As this act breaches common boating etiquette and practices, and is wrong and disrespectful in so many ways, I was hoping to educate and air my disappointment through The Morning Star.

The loss of the ski effectively removed the option to ski for those people who need two skis to get up out of the water for the remainder of our stay in the wonderful Coldstream, Vernon, Kal Lake area.  Possibly the guilty party would be so kind to return the stolen goods else I’m left with the purchase of another set.

I was hoping I could air my concerns and displeasure through a letter to the editor in your paper – a good venue to educate as well.

The lost ski was an O’Brien Performer 172cm/68″ Dual Tunnel, White/Blue/Black in colour with bright yellow marker ball, same as used on a slalom course.

Wayne LaRiviere


St Albert, Alberta