Magnificent Seven

Resident impressed with the actions of seven teenage boys

Thank you to seven teenage boys, their gracious manners in public and their upbringing. You made my day recently in the Village Green Centre.

Recently on a Saturday, I was shopping in our mall and just leaving Winners. As I exited, I heard a young male ask, “if their purchase could be divided seven ways?” I have no idea who it was, or what they were buying, or the outcome, but the request sounded very polite and humorous.

I continued on through the mall and had to laugh to myself as I heard the same voice behind me, chatting with his buddies. What I now had become to think of as the Magnificent Seven were catching up with me but at the same time reminding each other to not look at the La Senza window display to our left. I have raised a teenage boy and have four brothers, so kudos again to this group.

I continued on to Canadian Tire but by now, the Magnificent Seven had passed me and entered the store just ahead of me. Here is where I continued to be so impressed with their manners and actions.

Upon entering the store, they were immediately all asked to leave their backpacks with the cashier. I believe two or three of them had backpacks and readily left them at the cash entrance. They continued on into the store and I did not see them again.

I have to admit though, that I was the one thinking of protesting this request. When I entered behind them, I saw a handful of adults wearing their backpacks and shopping in the store and more than one lady carrying a purse much larger than these boys’ backpacks.

So while I am sure these seven teenagers had very different opinions about their personal belongings required to be left at the entrance, they certainly kept them to themselves.

I have no illusions about what they said to each other, but their actions in public were certainly above reproach.

We can all take a page from this — regarding respect for youth as well as adults and the elderly.

To the Magnificent Seven (you know who you are), I sincerely hope you continue to be the gentlemen that I saw that day.

Monique Hubbs-Michiel