Make jobs available

Jobs are an essential remedy to the problems of the homeless

Upon reading the recent material printed on alleviating the problems of the homeless in the newspaper and the remedies for them, which I mostly agree with and think will be beneficial, there is one word that is glaringly absent.

That word is jobs.

I think jobs would be the backbone of success.

I fully realize that most of these people could not handle a 40-hour week, but I do think most of them may be able to handle, say, a 10-hour week.

For those who can, I think the jobs should be made available.

They would partially alleviate poverty, would provide a service necessary in the community and would increase their self esteem and in a few cases – who knows?- might lead to something more substantial.

Perhaps some entrepreneurs could get together and come up with something to help and hopefully realize a tax break.

Then again, I may be dreaming!

J.L. Mawle, Vernon