Makes sense

Resident supports making condoms available in local schools

I’m afraid I must disagree with Danyelle Toplov’s Nov. 29 letter.

To make condoms more available to secondary school students is a sensible step. Our country has not fallen out morally. Society has evolved and changed. Our youth may not adhere to the same beliefs and social mores as its previous generation. Time moves on and society changes. But one element remains the same, looking out for the well being of our children.

As parents, what we want most for our children is their safety. Most parents would agree that protecting our children is a parent’s number one priority. I would suggest that includes protection from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Teenagers are having sex. Regardless of religious upbringings, parental guidance and sexual education, young people are having sex. One can wish for a world where teenagers listen to their parent’s counsel or one can face reality.

I would congratulate the Vernon School District for taking a positive step in protecting the health and safety of our children.

Brent Applegath