Making a statement

Enough is enough, Canadians are being taxed too much, country needs fiscal responsibility

I agree, we as Canadians hear how programs in our country are always short on funding. How do we ensure monies will be placed in such industries, where warranted, is not by taxing the population on every turn.

I have worked in the municipal level of government and am fully aware of how budgets work. To imagine this on a provincial and federal level is unfathomable. What Canada needs is fiscal responsibility and some tough rules or we will end up like our neighbors south of us.

I believe the voting to abolish the HST is making a statement…”enough is enough.”

No matter how much tax is collected, the issue of “not enough” funding will always be at play.

It is a vicious circle… not enough earnings in our pocket after paying tax at source and taxed on purchases … having to then ask for a wage hike…then not enough money in the budget to fund…and where it hits, especially, the taxpayer… is waiting for that surgery or increase property taxes to mend that pothole.

Ultimately, we as a people have to say enough is enough and I am happy to see the HST is no longer in play in B.C. I would only hope more people will take a stand in their future.

If not, we will become more compliant and then more excuses to collect some form of tax, by whatever government organization, which will only result in public sectors like social services, medical and education, requesting for more funding by making changes in their budgets and soon again you will hear of the inability to provide due to lack of that funding.

At the same time, we have a responsibility to this country.

Abuse of the system due to the belief of entitlement will eventually get out of hand and what is unfortunate, many of us do not realize how wonderful this country truly is.


Monika Karys, Vernon