Making contact

Woman seeking individual she met while waiting outside of Superstore

As fate would have it a few weeks ago (it was a Friday shortly before noon), I happened upon a lovely lady, Deb while waiting outside of Superstore. I was standing near the pharmacy entrance of the store waiting for a ride.

We chatted about gardening and vegetables and we had a plesant, enjoyable conversation.

I only wish I had obtained her phone number so we could chat again.

I am hoping she might see this, or someone who knows her might see this, so we can connect. She had parked in the lot by the gas station and drove a light, half-ton truck. We both commented on a motorbike that drove in or maybe I was the one.

She mentioned an uncle who lived in the Canary Islands (he has since passed).

If you are reading this Deb, please contact Jennifer at The Morning Star, who will put you in touch with me.

Thank you – looking forward to talking with you again.

E. Taylor