Making Vernon safe

Vernon has forward-thinkers at city hall who are making city safer with turn lane on 43rd Avenue

I am writing in response to the petition on the 43rd Avenue proposal. The petition is put forth and supported by the local businesses without looking at the safety of the traffic trying to get into their businesses. Over the last three or four years the city has done an amazing job of making Vernon a much safer place to drive your car, ride your bike and walk your children to school.

Adding a turn lane will alleviate a lot of stress to the people in vehicles trying to turn off 43rd into the businesses that are opposed to the turn lane.

With the increased traffic on 43rd in the future there will be even more need for a turn lane to increase the safety of their customers.  It is amazing to me that they would put the safety of their customers ahead of their belief that more traffic on 43rd means more business.

I commend the forward-thinking people at city hall for their efforts to calm traffic and make alternative modes of transportation a priority for now and in the future.  Please stay on task and don’t be swayed by the special interests of a small group.  Keep up the great work!


Peter Dorey, Vernon