Many questions

Citizen demands answers to who where the buck stopped in looking after Vernon Recreation Complex

All staff be it regional district, city or Coldstream, are paid by tax dollars. All are on wage scales — the better the expertise, the better the wage. Mayors, councillors and directors, are elected so they rely on staff to give them correct information, which is their job.

We need answers, as to: Who decided not to repair the dehumidifier (at the recreation complex) because of the expense and just shut it off? What were they thinking? Who decided the  dehumidifier not be replaced at that time.

Would it have not been more cost effective then, as opposed to now with all of the added problems with heat lines, wall, roof, and whatever else they may find?  Ordinary people with just common sense know that steam in a shower, without being vented, will give problems.

After more than 14 years of deterioration, the building is finally discovered to have damage. Big surprise. So just exactly where  did the buck stop?

The scary thing is the new proposed art gallery, will need a very expensive  climate control unit (which will be needed).

Who will run this department? If it has a slight or major problem, will it then be shut off and left to deteriorate? Until all of these questions are answered, I can not and will not support the art gallery or the museum, for fear it will happen again.


Rose Pollock, Vernon