Math questioned

Resident expresses concerns about the latest actions of the provincial government

Once again, there’s another version of the truth from the Liberals in Victoria: “We have cancelled the planned increase of four per cent for MSP for 2017 as these premiums are a hardship on families. Thank you, thank you, vote for me.”

I guess we are all idiots if we do so, especially after we get our MSP bill and discover that we will now pay $150 for a two-person family. Somehow a four per cent increase to a whopping $141 is way worse than paying a flat $150 a month.

When it comes time to vote, would a four per cent increase equal fewer votes, while an 11 per cent increase will equal more votes, in the Liberals warped sense of humour? I, on the other hand, think this will actually result, when added to all of the other half-truths and lies, 44 per cent more votes for the NDP.

Bob Johnston