Mayes disappoints

Unsettling comment seems an undignified end to Mr. Mayes' political career

I was disappointed in Colin Mayes’ comment  in the Oct. 21 Morning Star that “…the Conservatives and Liberals…agree on one thing: we don’t want socialism in our country.”

If it was Mr. Mayes’ intention to reference the New Democratic Party as socialism (where government no longer merely regulates the market and creates conditions that support justice, but begins to own the market and impose justice) then he must surely agree that the erasure of federal records and public information by the former Conservative government qualifies that party as corporatism as it was practiced between WWI and WWII (where the individual vanished altogether both in theory and practice under the will of one person.)

As reported, this unsettling comment seems an undignified end to Mr. Mayes’ political career.

Donna Easto, Lumby