Mayor and staff deliver the goods

Resident defends the actions of Lumby Mayor Kevin Acton

I read Dorothy Gagne’s letter in a recent edition of The Morning Star and I just about choked. This individual does not portray the feelings of the vast majority of taxpayers in Lumby.  Kevin Acton has been a three-term mayor.

He won with well over 70 per cent of support in his second term and was unopposed in this past election. If he were not doing a good job, I am sure someone would have ran against him.

There is little any municipal politician can do to create job growth. Heck, the provincial and federal governments struggle to help in that department. In case you haven’t noticed, people from all provinces are going to Alberta and Saskatchewan, and yes even northern B.C., to work.

People moving to sectors that are in demand has been going on for as long as Canada has been a country. We are fortunate for our country’s vast wealth and are lucky to be able to move here and there, experiencing new things  and  opportunities.

As far as any politician being responsible for any group living below the poverty line, that’s is just a ridiculous thought. We are all responsible to make our way in this world. We will leave that idea to socialist countries.

Mr. Acton has done far more than his duty as mayor. For example, he stuck his neck out a few years back and floated the idea of a correctional facility to be located in the village. Now there would have been some job growth.

It did not happen due to negative thinkers. That controversy cost him a lot personally. I have to have respect for him after sticking his neck out like that in order to move the village forward. It  took a lot of guts.

Lumby council and village staff have found savings from within and we are only going to have a one per cent tax hike for 2015. Good job mayor and council.

The overwhelming majority of taxpayers are appreciative of what you are doing and yes, perhaps they are local super heroes.

Scott Robar