Mayor challenged

Resident questions Vernon's mayor over comments on policing

In a recent television news interview in relation to police oversight on Canada Criminal Code violations by marijuana dispensaries, Mayor Akbal Mund cited two opposing positions.

On one hand, he stated quite clearly the local government had no authority to direct the RCMP on how to enforce the laws.

On the other hand, he stated that, for all intents and purposes, the City Of Vernon would not be requesting the RCMP to enforce the laws against street dispensaries that were operating illegally.

Am I the only one who sees these two stances as being totally contradictory?

Last year, for better or worse, the people in this country who voted, decided to elect a Liberal majority.

That elected government made a lot of promises. One of them involved legalization of marijuana, which directly contradicts international agreements, and which was not mentioned in the last federal budget.

Based on those two realities, it could be many years before marijuana is legalized in this country.

Such legalization also involves agreement from the provinces.

Am I the only one who believes that laws that are on the books should be enforced until they are no longer the law?

Does the mayor of this city have the right to influence direct policing and deciding which laws he would like to see this city support and which ones he would like to see this city ignore until some future legislation might change the ground rules of the justice system?

I don’t believe that was part of his job description when he was elected two years ago.

Dean Roosevelt