Mayoralty race

Letter writer would urge everyone to very carefully consider their choice for Vernon mayor.

Once again, the time has come to decide who to place our trust in to govern the City of Vernon for the ensuing four years. I would urge everyone to very carefully consider your choice for mayor. The mayor is the team leader and the person responsible to oversee all aspects of services to Vernon taxpayers.

For years, we have been told that we need to pay above-average salaries and benefits to management personnel to attract the best and the brightest.  While I have never wholeheartedly believed in this cliché I do think the mayor’s job in Vernon is grossly underpaid for the responsibilities and demands required in the performance of the city’s top office.

Accordingly, voters must take time to choose the best person for the job.  It is very demanding, and requires evenings and weekends which is time away from family and any other duties.  You must review the past performance of incumbents on decisions, their willingness to listen to a delegation (i.e. Okanagan Landing fire hall debacle), and forget about promises made in the heat of an election.


Douglas MacAulay