Mayor’s actions raise questions

Resident upset with recent article featuring Lumby Mayor Kevin Acton

I was looking forward to reading The Morning Star and much to my dismay on A3 was a picture of my mayor, Kevin Acton, in a Superman cape with his feet up on the desk surrounded by the chief administrative officer and the director of finance.

Are you serious, is this crew really running the Village of Lumby?

I am a long-time resident of this community and for those who do not live in Lumby, let me start by saying that this is not a reflection of the culture of this community.

I apologize for Mayor Acton because he obviously needs to get serious about Lumby. We in Lumby actually take our community seriously. It is not a joke that we face high levels of unemployment, have families who live on income derived from the Alberta and Saskatchewan economies and seniors who are living just above the poverty level.

Kevin Acton has just achieved a whole new level of disrespect for this community and his acclaimed position as mayor. How could anyone think this is acceptable?

Let’s get someone in place who really wants to do something positive for our community instead of making us appear a laughing stock.

Dorothy Gagne