Minority issue

Resident provides their perspective on rainbow crosswalks

I must join Maureen Kampen in congratulating Scott Anderson on his fine speech about the upcoming rainbow crosswalk.

As I understand it, the rainbow colours are supposed to represent inclusiveness for all minorities. While this is laudable, it is at most philosophical.

I am part  of one large minority, namely those with physical challenges, and I am also acutely aware of the homeless problem.

For the physically challenged, finding a job, let alone one that pays well enough to live off of comfortably can be an enormous challenge.

Just as big a challenge for some is finding a place to live that can accommodate their needs and is also affordable.

With vacancy rates as they are and rental rates where they are, the challenge is huge. Our homeless numbers are bigger than ever and the reasons above are a large part of the reason.

At the risk of offending some, I feel our energies should be directed toward practical solutions for the problems facing our minorities, rather than philosophical ones, regardless of who pays for them.

Cam Clayton