Missed the point

Resident questions the focus of a speaker at a Bill C51 protest rally

Recently, I made my way to an advertised protest rally against Bill C51 held at the offices of MP Colin Mayes.

After some delay, the spokesperson addressed those assembled but while railing against capitalism and other abuses, failed for more than half-an-hour to mention Bill C51 at all, and I left.

This bill will strip Canadians of the right to speak, write and even gesture if someone in authority pins the label terrorism on the subject matter.

Of course those speaking up will be imprisoned.

In the Roman Empire at one time, all Christians were labelled terrorists and suffered gruesome fates.

I have personally lived through the gagging of free speech and I had to rail against the gag.

Somehow, the rally’s speaker missed the point of what to rail against urgently.

Mark Roberts-Seymour