Missing the point

Politicians inability to stick to 100-mile diet not surprising but Kevin Action's lack of understanding of concept is

That a group of politicians are saying we should do one thing, while they do another, is not surprising. That a group of politicians who are promoting the 100-mile diet out of one side of their mouths are eating, at a convention (and, presumably, with the other side) things that fall outside the criteria for said program (“province fails to stick to local diet” – 10/7/12) is also not surprising.

What is surprising is that one of those politicians clearly doesn’t grasp the concept, in the slightest, of the 100-mile diet. Director Kevin Acton, of the Regional District of the North Okanagan, wonders if it is a 100 per cent realistic expectation, saying “I’m not sure if you’ve ever found an olive from B.C.”.

That, Mr. Acton, is the whole point of the 100-mile diet – to not eat things trucked, flown or otherwise carted in from hundreds, sometimes thousands of kilometres away. The point is to eat locally, from local producers. There are many benefits to this, but only when you fully grasp the concept.


Mark Levey, Enderby