MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Another deadline passes

Well, Roberto Luongo and I dodged another trading deadline. In actual fact I don’t think I can be traded...

Well, Roberto Luongo and I dodged another trading deadline. In actual fact I don’t think I can be traded (although I sometimes have nightmares where I get traded for, well, very little, and to someplace I’ve never been or never wanted to go to), and Luongo didn’t dodge the trade deadline so much as not get what he wanted: that is, to be traded.

Apparently the Leafs and the Canucks were close, but Luongo’s contract (which “sucks” apparently) was likely the stumbling block, although I’m pretty sure if anybody can afford him it’s the Leafs and if he actually helped get them into the playoffs and all the money that would bring in, methinks it might have been worth it.

If they don’t make the playoffs for some reason, critics (i.e. Leaf fans) will definitely point at the trade that wasn’t as one reason, whether it really was or not cause that’s what hockey fans do.

Oh well, it was not to be and the Canucks will just have to move forward with two very well-paid star goalies and the Leafs hopefully will creep into the playoffs with two cheaper, not-yet-star goalies.

However, that’s the thing about goalies – they can go from great to not-so-great (and the other way around) in fan’s eyes pretty quickly. So, we’ll see.

And often the best trade you make turns out to be the one you didn’t make, if you know what I mean.

It’s curious that the biggest news on trade day was a couple deals, Luongo and Miikka Kiprusoff, that didn’t take place. So much for filling 10 hours of television coverage……..

…….and speaking of trades. Jay Leno is being replaced by Jimmy Fallon next year on NBC’s Tonight show. It sounds like the 11:30 show is moving to New York as well.

Now I’m a Leno fan, I once saw him at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver and he was great and his ratings are still solid and, I believe, he’s No. 1 in his time slot.

However, he is getting older, aren’t we all, and some new, younger blood might be the way to go. Fallon is funny in his 12:30 slot (I like Thank You notes and stuff like that but sometimes he relies on skits or games a little too much for my liking) and they’re probably trying to keep in step with the relatively young Jimmy Kimmel moving to 11:30 on ABC.

Plus Canadian Lorne Michaels, of Saturday Night Live fame, is going to take over as executive producer of the Tonight show, so he and SNL alumni Fallon should add an edge to the show and be attractive for younger audiences.

Of course all this puts pressure on once thought to be heir to the Tonight show, David Letterman, over at CBS.

He’s not getting any younger, either, although I think he’s still great, too, but then again I’m not exactly young anymore either. I also realize that I can never have Jay and Dave over for supper together, but I don’t think that’s ever going to be a problem, quite frankly.

Anyway, we’ll see how it all plays out, and I’ll be watching, although I’ll likely be watching the Eastern stations at 8:30 p.m. because I can’t actually stay up for late-night TV anymore.

Which, of course, tells you something about whether late-night TV producers should be worrying about attracting my age group or not, heavy sigh…..

…….sad to see movie critic Roger Ebert move on to the balcony seat in the sky this past week.

I used to watch his show back when he and fellow critic Gene Siskel would bicker over whether a show got a good rating or not, and more often than not I agreed with Ebert.

He later lost portions of his jaw to cancer and couldn’t speak but overcame these obstacles to get back to writing and eventually TV as well.

“You play the cards you’re dealt,” he wrote according to an Associated Press story. What’s your choice? I have no pain. I enjoy life, and why should I complain.”

Thumbs-up for that piece of advice.

—Glenn Mitchell is the managing editor for The Morning Star…