MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Clock keeps on ticking

Glenn Mitchell provides some thoughts on the odds and ends of this fast-paced world

Just some musings about the odds and ends from this fast-paced world around us that can get your head spinning……

………..I’m still adjusting to the time change. It seems I’m going to bed earlier, sort of, and waking earlier, although not getting up earlier as I stubbornly cling to my pillow refusing to give up any and all potential sleep time.

So, in other words, I haven’t quite got off of the daylight savings time thing but maybe after the long weekend I’ll be OK.

It’s a bit of a drag driving home from work in the dark, especially when it’s raining, but it’s a bit brighter in the a.m. as everything in life is a trade-off I suppose.

And we delayed the tradeoff as long as possible as standard time used to start well before Halloween, which seemed appropriate for more darkness for the event dedicated to things that go bump in the night, but if you’re going to take an extra hour so you can enjoy summer more after supper, you have to give it back eventually.

At least I think you do. I know Saskatchewan stays on standard time forever, something about farmers getting up early I think, but can a province stay on daylight time perpetually? Somehow I doubt it……

…….And no matter how much you play around with the clock, Mother Nature goes about her business and the days get shorter and shorter so that soon you’re in the dark before and after work.

Cue the rainstorms and that can get depressing for some and I understand that.

However, the flip side is the mountains get the snow and as you read this there’s already enthusiasts up at Sovereign and Silver Star making tracks on the nordic trails (that’s cross-country for the uninitiated, alpine, or downhill, is still a couple weeks away).

Winter, like anything else in life, is what you make it and luckily for us in these parts it can be a wonderland of opportunities……

……and speaking of Halloween, I was earlier OK, it’s not quite the same when your kids are older.

I mean we did get a pumpkin but never got around to turning it into a jack-o-lantern and we talked about going out to the BX like the good old days when the firefighters used to scare the heck out of our kids but, alas, we didn’t quite get off the couch this year.

Well, we did get off the couch when the cute kids came to the door begging for candy, er, I mean trick-or-treating.

Especially my wife, who I didn’t know could move so fast but when there’s the potential to gush over costumed youngsters, especially the female kind, you know the kind she never had, then she’s there in a flash.

Our numbers were a bit down this year, which seems to be the trend, but it’s sure nice to see the tradition continue despite those who would like to see it disappear into the dustbin of history.

It’s good to see the neighbours and the kids one last time before too many of us go into hibernation mode (see earlier line about enjoying winter, and that goes for yours truly too).

And on the positive side less kids at the door means more candy, well, for me, and the kids and wife. Thanks to the fact I bought way too much, I still don’t know how that happened, I’m almost getting tired of the stuff (I think I may have been overcompensating for knowing that I no longer can raid the kids’ Halloween bags)……

…..and please remember it’s Remembrance Day weekend so please take the time to honour those men and women who sacrificed so much for all of our sakes. See the special supplement in today’s paper as well as coverage in the body of The Morning Star.