MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Falling for the season

It’s one of my favourite times of the year. And not just because there’s playoff baseball, NHL and CFL on the tube

It’s one of my favourite times of the year. And not just because there’s playoff baseball on the tube, NHL hockey is underway, the CFL is starting to get interesting and the NFL, is, well, the NFL.

My wife is not so big on TV sports, or any other spectator sports for that matter, and she has a tendency to exaggerate how much I watch but she’s bang-on, at least this time of year, when she exclaims “it’s everywhere, and every night.”

HD never looked so good as this time of the year and it’s tempting to glue yourself to the TV set after a hard day at the office, not to mention all the new shows that are debuting at the same time.

That’s why I’ll likely have to go HD for our second set, especially after the cable provider pulled all the extra channels off our ‘tube TVs.’

I can only expect my wife to watch a portion of the sports I want to watch, just like I can only tolerate Love it or List it or House Hunters International so many times in a row.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some things we can watch together, like the news and New Girl and maybe Castle but I think a solid marital relationship has to be based on access to another television at any given time.

And seeing how that second (and third) television’s channels have been seriously axed, even though I’m paying the same monthly rate by the way, then I guess I may have to break down and go digital in the bedroom (which sounds worse than it is, I think).

All of this kind of burns my butt because it seems like just yesterday (OK, it was actually 10 years ago now) that we moved into our present home and the deal was she got new flooring for the kitchen and I got a new big screen TV for the basement.

I think they invented HD and digital the next day and the Toshiba in the basement was obsolete two weeks later and now is mostly good for video games and when I really want to watch sports in peace, albeit knowing it would be much more enjoyable in HD, you know like the one upstairs that’s currently tuned into a 10-year-old episode of Gilmore Girls?

Oh well, like I said, I may have to break down and buy a new one and join the 21st Century. At least the kitchen flooring still looks good. I think that means she wins, again.

But it’s not just the TV that’s better this time of year.

If you can take your eyes off the tube for a minute you might notice that it’s pretty nice outside too.

The sun is still shining, well except for a few days this past week, and the temperature, although cool at night, which is OK for sleeping, is pretty darn comfortable for walks, hikes and  maybe even camping for the more adventurous of us. And, hey, sites are pretty much guaranteed. And no silly campfire bans to worry about.

Sure it’s a little cool for boating but the great outdoors are there to explore and no mosquitoes or extreme heat to worry about.

That’s why the senior set always holidays in September, early October – plus to shove it in our faces that they can get away when we working stiffs can’t.

So anyone who is struggling with the notion that summer is really over, and winter is on the horizon, should get out and enjoy all the Okanagan Valley has to offer.

And not only is this reality show in HD and 3D and AOK on so many levels, unlike TV it’s actually good for you and you might meet your neighbours one more time before everyone hibernates for the season.

Not to mention the options for your very own reality show are endless and mostly free and no one can take any of those options away from you just because you haven’t updated your wardrobe lately.