MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Holidays, hockey and more

For those of you who may have missed me in this spot the last two weeks, thanks.

For those of you who may have missed me in this spot the last two weeks, thanks. For those who would rather see The Village Idiot in this spot on a permanent basis anyways, thanks for nothing (although don’t worry as he’ll be back, I have more holidays planned, not to mention those weeks when I have nothing to offer).  And for those who are still with me, here’s what I learned on my one-week holiday.

Maybe next year: It sucks to lose. I’m still coming to grips with the Vancouver Canucks coming up one game short of a Stanley Cup but, ironically, the stunningly stupid riots and their aftermath helped put it in some kind of perspective. After all the anxiety and analysis and apprehension (and a couple other ‘a’ words), life does go on afterwords. For 40 years there’s always been a next year for Canuck fans, and, unfortunately it’s true again this year. That doesn’t help much right now, I know, but it’s also the beauty of sports. Just ask any Leafs fan.

The job list: Just a tip for you guys. If you make up an impressive job list on the first day of your holidays and nothing’s crossed off by Day 4 or Day 5, apparently it’s not that impressive anymore. Thanks to some domestic pressure (somewhere around Day 4 or Day 5),  however, I managed to get a few things crossed off the list and justify my existence, as well as justify the time it took to compile the list in the first place.

Now what?: That’s the thing about a long playoff run that suddenly ends (especially the wrong way as I still might be celebrating if……heavy sigh) – what did I do with my life before I started watching hockey every other night? I’m considering therapy for hockey withdrawal but my understanding wife is already helping the situation by pointing out all the yard work that has been neglected over the last eight weeks or so. Right. Thanks honey but maybe I really do need therapy?

Social media: I think it’s pretty cool that Facebook and YouTube will definitely help identify and hopefully convict the yahoos who did so much damage in the streets of Vancouver Wednesday night and how ironic is that? A lot of these wannabe rock stars and brain surgeons were likely looking for their 15 seconds of fame to go viral and with any luck that might actually help bring them to justice. I will try to comment further in a manner that they might be able to understand: nannannnannnannnnannnnaaa.

Summer solstice: The calendar says it’s supposed to be the official beginning of summer this week but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. Actually I’m not even sure we’ve had spring yet. To be honest, the playoff run has been such a distraction I’m not sure what it’s been doing outside. Well I do know, but it hasn’t been that big a deal. But now it is so let’s get going here or we’re not going to have a summer at all. We’ve definitely licked the water shortage in the bud but enough already. Everybody now, maybe singing will help, I can see clearly now the rain is gone…..

Oldie but Goodie: Thoroughly enjoyed the Supertramp concert we went to at Kelowna’s Prospera Place during my holidays. Great sound, great band, great venue. Would have been perfect if former co-founder Roger Hodgson was there but they pulled it off admirably. First rock concert in my 50s where I didn’t feel old, well except for the two young guys next to me constantly checking their cell phones for obviously vital messages. Don’t remember that distraction the last time I saw the band at Empire Stadium in the early ‘80s.

Father’s Day: I’m chucking the half-finished job list and just enjoying the day today. Someone might say that’s a normal Sunday for me but today I do it guilt-free. Happy Father’s Day to all of those lucky enough to get to call themselves and others dad. It’s still one of my favourite words in the English language.

Glenn Mitchell is the managing editor for The Morning Star