MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Information overload

It could be my fault.

It could be my fault. You see I met with my financial guy on Wednesday just to check on my RRSPs and such, and get a free lunch, and we decided to stay the course and that everything could be better but it had at least come back from the recession and relatively speaking everything was OK and……

Then the market fell nearly 400 points on Thursday. Sorry about that folks. Hey, at least I got lunch out of it.

Well, maybe it’s not my fault after all.

The experts are saying it’s likely the continuing debt crisis in Europe, or the high unemployment in the U.S., or the slowing Chinese economy or the fact that October is looming and that’s never a good time for the markets or maybe Warren Buffett’s horoscope said sell and the world followed suit.

Or maybe it was the changing of the seasons this week and it affected some hormonal change in a few brains that caused a few others to panic which caused……

Or maybe someone’s consulting the Mayan calendar that says the world’s going to end next year so now might be as good a time as any to cash out….

Any, or all, or more or none of these could be factors for the up-and-down markets over the last few months, and there’s numerous commentators who will offer their two-bits worth of advice on how it’s all going to play out in the end.

However most of them aren’t worth one bit (which I guess is 12.5 cents) as they’re just guessing based on past experience which doesn’t seem to count for much these days.

It’s incredibly ironic that in this electronic age when so much information is at our fingertips at an instant, like how the stock market is doing this very minute, tends to feed off itself so that dramatic dips become even more dramatic and all hell breaks loose to the point where everyone throws their arms up exclaiming “what the hell is going on here?”

Of course this information overload isn’t just on the Internet as traditional media also jumps on the negative market trends with blazing headlines, but when it bounces back over the next two days it hardly gets a mention.

You can rightfully blame that on the media but keep in mind that it’s news when a plane crashes because that’s not supposed to happen but when it lands successfully it’s not news because that’s supposed to happen and usually does, even though it’s obviously a good thing.

But I’m sure this ever-so-fast-and-getting-faster cycle of information is a factor in the roller-coaster ride that is called the stock market these days. Actually I’m sure it’s a factor in all of our everyday lives these days as everyone thinks that everything can be done in a nanosecond due to modern technology – so give me what I want now or see you later alligator.

Gee, I wonder why we’re all so stressed out these days? Well, at least we’re all connected 24/7. Yeah, connected to mayhem on a global scale.

The world ain’t going crazy, it just seems that way because we instantly know about every hurricane warning, every report that says you get cancer from breathing, every report that says the environment is doomed if we don’t……

Aaarggghhhh. Enough already.

I know there’s plenty of good news out there also and it gets reported too but the negative stuff can get overwhelming sometimes.

It used to be if the sun is shining overhead in your neighborhood, it’s a good day in your world. That may seem a little naive these days and is not considered being a good global citizen but, hey, sometimes we forget to enjoy life and all it offers.

The market’s the market. It was here yesterday, it will be here tomorrow and it might be up or it might be down.

Who really knows? And, sometimes at least, who really cares?

I’m not going to panic, which is what most so-called experts advise anyway.

So listen to Jimmy Buffett instead of Warren Buffet for a change and have a good weekend

Come Monday, it’ll be all right……..