MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: It’s raining again

Bits and bites from the world around us such as it is and at times it seems to get crazier and crazier...

Bits and bites from the world around us such as it is and at times it seems to get crazier and crazier and…

….I keep tuning into CNN, despite myself, to watch the latest on the U.S. election, which is mostly a Trumpfest of epic proportions.

The talking heads continue to debate, which often means shouting over top of each other, on the latest escapades of the Donald and how they may or may not affect the polls in key states, and whether the campaign has hit a new low in American political history, or whether there’s more to come and whether or not the Trumpinator will win anyway, or if Hillary can win despite her being deeply unpopular and mistrusted and…..and the news cycle continues 24/7 on every media source available to mankind, which is a lot these days.

I’m sure it’s a ratings bonanza for CNN as they seem to have abandoned any other kind of news coverage during this run to Nov. 8 that seems to be have been going on forever and is getting more bizarre by the day.

I can’t really blame them as it’s fascinating stuff on so many levels and if I’m watching I’m sure most of America and a lot of the rest of the world who have some stake in who the leader of the free world are too, so stay tuned, not that you could help yourself from doing so……

…..It’s raining again

Oh no, my love’s at an end.

Oh no, it’s raining again

And you know it’s hard to pretend.

Supertramp sang that refrain all those years ago and the tune’s been going through my head a lot these days.

And we’re not talking a little bit of rain. It was raining when I went to bed Thursday and then in the middle of the night it began coming down so hard it woke me up. That hardly ever happens around here.

It rained so hard (how hard?) last Saturday that I nearly drowned taking the boat into the shop, and I never left terra firma.

In fact it’s rained so much lately (how much has it rained lately, Glenn?) that it’s starting to remind me of my time in Hope.

My first newspaper job was at The Hope Standard in 1986 and that’s when I learned what real rain looked like, and tasted like, and felt like, and smelled like, and, well, you get the idea.

I mean I went to school at the Coast so I know a little bit about rain, although I grew up here so I never really adjusted to the damp, dark reality of winter in the Lower Mainland.

However, I still remember one weekend in Hope when it started raining hard on a Friday afternoon and I kept thinking it can’t keep on coming down like this for a long period of time, can it?

It can and it did.

It lasted all weekend and it became a news story that I ended up covering but I still remember the sound and the sights and the feeling….of rain coming down that hard hour after hour after hour….

….don’t get me wrong Rainbow Country (clever marketing finding the sunnier side, so to speak, of all that rain) is a beautiful part of the province with great people and mountains and vistas that rival Banff, it’s just you don’t always get to witness the scenery as much as you would like due to the cloud formations and such…..

……however, I have some faith that the sun will come out tomorrow, or at least the day after tomorrow, and on the bright side, my lawn has never looked so good.