MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Launching into summer

Apparently this weekend is supposed to be a bit of a reprieve weatherwise

Apparently this weekend is supposed to be a bit of a reprieve weatherwise as the mercury should drop a little and there may even be a little precipitation.

Both good things for us and our forests, hopefully sans storm activity, and a welcome break from the dry, record-breaking heat of the past few weeks.

Now it sounds kind of funny to complain about hot, dry weather in the Okanagan, after all that’s pretty much what we’re known for and why people flock here to take advantage of our wonderful lakes – but there’s always that too much of a good thing, well, thing.

I don’t mind the heat at all but when it gets north of 34 or 35 my motivational mojo goes south and I’m more likely to hole up in the basement than actually enjoy the great outdoors.

But that seems very wrong too as we do live in Canada and the summer season, no matter how intense it may get at times, will be over in the blink of a mosquito’s eye.

So we do get out there when we can and both times of late it’s been absolutely wonderful, which always makes you wonder why you don’t get out there and take advantage of all this place has to offer on a more regular basis.

After all we live on three lakes.

And that’s where I’m going to start, on the smallest and most underrated lake around.

We finally got our boat out of the garage and decided Swan Lake was the perfect first outing to test things out.

It was Canada Day and we decided that the other lakes would be too busy, especially the boat launches which I’m a little gun shy about (especially when it’s the first time out and my brain hasn’t quite adjusted to trailer thinking quite yet).

And we were right.

The launch was a breeze and we were out enjoying the sunshine and quiet waters of Swan Lake pretty much to ourselves. On Canada Day.

Although muddy along the shoreline and no beach or park to speak of, Swan is perfect for packing a snack and relaxing amidst the wildlife. When it gets too hot to handle a quick dip in the middle of the lake is oh so refreshing and even the speeding traffic on the nearby highway makes you appreciate that you’re floating peacefully on the water and not in, well, summer traffic.

And so easy to get to. And launch.

Now we also like Okanagan and go out to Mabel, a personal favourite with the kids growing up while camping at the provincial park at the south end, when we can but we’ve stayed away from Kal in recent years due to the busyness factor. OK, the boat launches weighed into it too.

But last Sunday we went for it along with some friends, who are Kal veterans.

And it was spectacular.

We launched at Kekuli Bay, a first for us and a little daunting as we approached and saw how busy it was, but with a little guidance the rookie handled it as well as could be expected and soon we were off in the great turquoise wonder.

The lake that day was particularly emerald and wondrous and it was the perfect elixir for a hot sunny Okanagan day, and yes there were plenty of boats but still room to tie up and relax and everyone seemed friendly and grateful to be out there.

We even ventured through the Oyama channel, another first and very cool, and on to Wood Lake and down to Turtle Bay and back.

I have to admit it was a great day and left me wondering why would we have avoided this beautiful lake for so long.

We still had to get off the lake, however, and when we returned to Kekuli a little later than what we thought would be a busy time there was still a long lineup to get off the lake.

But you know what, by the time I got the truck and trailer from the overflow parking area, it was magically our turn to come off the lake and everything went off without a hitch, so to speak.