MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Mark your calendar

Christmas is coming but so is the end of the world if you believe the Mayans

Just offering some observations from the world around us, such as it is, from the week that was, which actually leaves us that much closer to Christmas, which I better start preparing for, and maybe even the end of the world as we know it if you’re into Mayan prophecies, which maybe I should prepare for too just in case but what’s one to do?…….

……actually it was the end for my stereo amplifier last week.

Just as the family’s getting ready to decorate the tree and I’m turning on the stereo (which is my main function when it comes to decorating the tree, that and documenting the event by taking pictures, which means I can do it all from the comfort of sitting on my butt, which doesn’t go unnoticed by the way), which still contains the same five Christmas CDs from last year just waiting to come to life again (I play more records than CDs), and……..nothing.

No sound whatsoever.

Well there’s the sound of the CDs spinning around, and the cassette tapes whizzing by and the records giving resistance to the needle, but no Elvis does Blue Christmas or Amy Grant doing I’ll Be Home for Christmas or…..

So being the electronics whiz I am, I figure it’s got to be the amp, because everything else seems to be working and the lights are on but nobody’s home so no Christmas music.

My holiday mood suddenly turns sour as I wonder what this is going to cost me, and can you even replace a Technics amplifier from the last millennium that includes connections for a turntable?

It just worked the day before and I know it doesn’t owe me anything but gee whiz the timing sucks. Not that any time would be good, but just before Christmas?

Anyway the kids quickly sense my mood and grab their boom box or ipod dock, or whatever you call those things, and we’re in business.

The night actually turned out fine and a couple days later I investigated the situation and it turns out they still do make amps, well receivers anyway, that include connections for a turntable, and that, indeed, LP records are making a bit of a comeback thank you very much and there was a rack of them for sale right there at the store.

See, I told my wife there was a reason to keep all those hundreds of albums all these years, beyond listening to them of course, they may actually now have some value too. Not to mention Santa knows what to bring me for Christmas now, it’s funny how things work out in the end, sort of……

……and speaking of the end, what I do know for sure is that Friday is the end of fall and the beginning of winter, or winter solstice if you prefer.

Assuming the Mayans are wrong (and actually from what I understand they didn’t predict anything, it’s just their calendar runs out which is understandable hundreds of years later), it means the days are about to get longer.

And that’s a good thing.

Although I’m cool with winter, and I’m even OK with it not appearing in these parts until the calendar told it too which is late for here, it’s also nice to know we’re on our way to brighter days ahead…….

…..and speaking of the calendar I see there’s not that many shopping days until Christmas so I better get started soon. I’m very tempted to go to one of these stores that’s open 24 hours and see what I can get accomplished in the middle of the night. But then I think again, if I can’t get there during regular hours until now, do you really think I’m going to have much success by setting my alarm for 3 a.m. to get out there and go shopping?………